Use motion detectors for your outdoor lights

Why? Though you're rarely awake to see them, outdoor lamps left on all night can consume more electricity than most of your other light fixtures. However, motion sensors can significantly reduce their energy use without compromising security or style.

How it works: Motion sensors turn lights on when they detect movement in their vicinity. After a certain amount of time elapses the lights switch off. You can adjust the time delay.

What to look for:

  • Lights with motion sensors can also contain photocells, which sense light and switch on your lights only when it's dark outside. ENERGY STAR® fixtures with photocells are available.
  • You can buy new lights that include motion sensors or retrofit your current lights with their own sensors. Either purchase should include installation instructions. The installation itself should take about 30 minutes.


Where to find them: Hardware stores and lighting showrooms carry several styles of motion sensors and compatible light fixtures.

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